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RMT Direct Appointments


RMT Direct appointments convert between 60-80%. We asked the following question to our IFA’s in early 2014. These are their replies.

RMT Direct Appointments

What do you like about RMT Direct appointments?

Andy Smith Not had enough to make a comment.
Michael Powell Fairly priced and clients do know what to expect from the meeting.
Imran Ashraf Low number of no shows as clients generally call or text to cancel appointment, saving me a wasted journey
Appointment quality is generally good, with nearly all clients happy to review all areas of finances with a number of needs that I am able to address
Mark Horner Well qualified appointments
Dale Thomas Details given about appointment
Saj Husain RMT Direct appointments are booked for you.
Harvey Professionally booked
Vinny Lall The quality of notes is great. Very accurate and it is evident that the RMT Direct appointment maker is having good conversations with the prospect. Early says for me yet, however I have seen 1 appointment so far and it was exactly what the client and I was expecting.
Imran Ashraf Over the past 3 months the appointment levels have been good, with some very good quality appointments. If you are able to continue at the same levels and quality that you have been performing at over the past 3 months throughout the next 12 months and beyond, I will be extremely happy with your services.
Chandan Hinduja It is very structured, efficient and it does what it says on the tin
David Rogers Very organised and reliable service, thank you
James Tomlinson We have been dealing with RMT Direct now for about 3 months and all I can say is we have been flabbergasted by the service we have received. A combination of great leads in our selected postcodes, efficient diary management, appointment booking and great service all round. They really have transformed the way we run our business and we hope to continue our working relationship with them long into the future.
Richard Paylor Flexibility of appointment making and being available at the end of the phone.
Adam Bainbridge Like the use of Google diaries and that the clients are qualified before booking

Ryan Mellor, Co-founder at RMT Direct

If you are a financial advisor and you would like to work with us, please visit RMT Direct.

Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, RMT Direct Leads, IFA Direct Home and RegulatedAdvice.co.uk.