RMT Direct Leads Employs Client Profiling


RMT Direct Leads

If you can identify your existing clients you can easily locate your future clients. RMT Direct Leads looked at 2,500 clients to find out the very DNA of its clients. Only 1 in 5 persons we currently contact matches a past client profile, but by employing client profiling – this goes up to almost 9 in 10 persons.

Although we won’t publish our full client makeup here we can reveal the TV Regions they reside in, the clients age and their household income.

TV Regions
STV North (Grampian) 0.3%
STV Central 2.4%
Borders 0.0%
Tyne Tees 3.0%
Granada 13.7%
Yorkshire 17.2%
Wales (HTV) 8%
Central 22.3%
Anglia 10.3%
West Country 0.4%
Meridian 9.5%
London 12.9%

18-24 0.3%
25-34 2.2%
35-44 11.9%
45-54 63.4%
55-64 20.2%
65-74 1.9%
75+ 0.2%

Household Income
<£10K 6.7%
£10-£20K 18.9%
£20-£30K 26%
£30-£40K 20.4%
£40-£50K 12.7%
£50-£60K 10.5%
£60K + 4.8%

The Client Profiling has been created using the latest statistical methods to provide a detailed view of your customers and their key characteristics using actual volunteered consumer information, including demographic, lifestyle and financial information.

The RMT Direct Leads profile identifies the marketing DNA of its customers to improve efficiency and its brand appeal.

Key benefits of Client Profiling

  • A greater understanding of our customers
  • Better targeting of our products
  • Better defined advertising messages
  • Insight into potential markets
  • Improved ROI and internal efficency
Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, RMT Direct Leads, IFA Direct Home and RegulatedAdvice.co.uk.