IFA Direct Home Financial Advisor Appointments – UK Average Fund Size


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IFA Direct Home Financial Advisor Appointments: Below is our average monthly  size pension funds generated over the past 15 months, together with numbers booked and the actual ‘sat’ rate. Our overall average pension pot size is £45,022. (a slight slight drop from £47,001 between 2013 and 2015) We have booked 2007 appointments during this period.  Our overall ‘sat rate’ average is 58% or 6 out of 10 appointments.

In October 2015, we enlarged our call centre operations and the volumes of booked appointments since then have  increased by 47%.

Month Size of Pension Fund No. of Booked Appointments Sat Rate
Aug-15 £51,775 143 52%
Sep-15 £48,034 135 44%
Oct-15 £38,907 126 56%
Nov-15 £45,204 117 59%
Dec-15 £39,321 79 53%
Jan-16 £37,131 167 65%
Feb-16 £41,431 152 61%
Mar-16 £49,368 126 57%
Apr-16 £41,976 135 64%
May-16 £45,906 127 63%
Jun-16 £50,842 144 66%
Jul-16 £56,848 127 65%
Aug-16 £45,962 107 63%
Sep-16 £39,903 179 54%
Oct-16 £42,716 143 55%
Total  £45,022 58%

I want to reject my last IFA appointment for the following reason…


We get our fair share of rejected IFA appointments each month by our IFA clients.  This was not one of our best IFA appointments!

I went to see Mr XXX  at his home at 2:00 today. Mr XXX has 23 cats in his house, 4 turtles, 3 dragon lizards, chinchillas, and many other animals all over his house.  

It was not very pleasant in the slightest.

Mr XXX said he was not sure of what I was coming to discuss with him. (In all fairness, he didn’t really let me get a word in for almost 30 minutes).

He said he has been contacted many times by yourselves to arrange an appointment, and he said that you have booked appointments with other advisory firms in the past and he has received txt messages from another advisor who was meant to come and see him but didn’t.  

It turns out that he has a company pension with Jauguar that is still active. He has a small pension with Equitable Life with £5000 it. He also said he has another pension that he took out through work back in the late 80’s. He said he could not remember how much was in there, who it was with of what he had done with the statement. When I asked him howe much he thought was in there, he said ghe believes around the same amount as his Equitable Life pension (£5000). Based on the state of his house and how he lives, I don’t expect he will find it any time soon.

I told him that I would not be able to help him and that you may be in touch with him again.

When we asked for proof that the pension funds was below £12,500 – we was swiftly told by the IFA that even if he had a statement, it would no doubt be covered in cats urine! – We swiftly rejected the IFA appointment!

RMT Direct Leads Employs Client Profiling


RMT Direct Leads

If you can identify your existing clients you can easily locate your future clients. RMT Direct Leads looked at 2,500 clients to find out the very DNA of its clients. Only 1 in 5 persons we currently contact matches a past client profile, but by employing client profiling – this goes up to almost 9 in 10 persons.

Although we won’t publish our full client makeup here we can reveal the TV Regions they reside in, the clients age and their household income.

TV Regions
STV North (Grampian) 0.3%
STV Central 2.4%
Borders 0.0%
Tyne Tees 3.0%
Granada 13.7%
Yorkshire 17.2%
Wales (HTV) 8%
Central 22.3%
Anglia 10.3%
West Country 0.4%
Meridian 9.5%
London 12.9%

18-24 0.3%
25-34 2.2%
35-44 11.9%
45-54 63.4%
55-64 20.2%
65-74 1.9%
75+ 0.2%

Household Income
<£10K 6.7%
£10-£20K 18.9%
£20-£30K 26%
£30-£40K 20.4%
£40-£50K 12.7%
£50-£60K 10.5%
£60K + 4.8%

The Client Profiling has been created using the latest statistical methods to provide a detailed view of your customers and their key characteristics using actual volunteered consumer information, including demographic, lifestyle and financial information.

The RMT Direct Leads profile identifies the marketing DNA of its customers to improve efficiency and its brand appeal.

Key benefits of Client Profiling

  • A greater understanding of our customers
  • Better targeting of our products
  • Better defined advertising messages
  • Insight into potential markets
  • Improved ROI and internal efficency

Meet long term client of RMT Direct Leads – Imran Ashraf Chartered Financial Planner at Aspire Financial Management Ltd


imran ashraf

Meet long term client of RMT Direct Leads – Imran Ashraf,  Chartered Financial Planner at Aspire Financial Management Ltd.

Imran Ashraf joined RMT Direct Leads as a former SJP Partner in August 2013.  In 2015, Imran spent £18,000 on Pension Appointments. These were  sucessfully converted into £70-80,000 worth of fees, giving a ROI of 344%. Todate, Imran has sat 99 appointments and is only one away from his first century with RMT Direct Leads!

Can you tell us a bit about your background?
I have been in the financial advisory industry as an advisor for 10 years. At first honing my advisor skills and technical knowledge at HSBC bank, obtaining the prestigious Chartered Financial Planner status in 2012 and Fellowship status in 2015. In 2013 I decided to setup my own IFA practice and have not looked back since.

What areas do you cover?
I mainly cover the following areas:

How did you hear about RMT Direct Leads?
Through a google search a number of years ago

What do you like about our service?
Low rate of no shows
Majority of appointments are high quality
Pay after successful appointment payment terms
The appointments go direct into my diary and you have live access to my diary. This prevents double bookings and a more streamlined service.

How much revenue on average do you generate per 10 appointments?

What is your conversion rate for pension business?

What is your conversion rate for other business?
25% on the back of these generated appointments

How do we compare to the competition?
I have tried a lot of lead generation companies and have wasted literally thousands of pounds. All of these other lead generation firms have come and gone, but I remain a loyal customer to RMT as they deliver the best and most consistent results.

How can we improve?
Reduce cancellation/re-scheduled appointments
Book more high value clients

Does exactly what it says on the tin!



rmt direct leads

As you may remember the catchphrase “Does exactly what it says on the tin.” was originally an advertising slogan for Ronseal in the 1990’s, which then became a common idiomatic phrase.

In keeping with the group structure and simplicity. RMT Direct will be now be referred to in the press and online as RMT Direct Leads.

After all, RMT Direct Leads does exactly what it says on the tin.

More questions and less babble at IFA Direct Home call centre!



IFA Direct

Most people do not like the sound of their voice.

…..So we asked some of our IFA Direct Home co-ordinators to listen to one of their recent calls where they attempted to make a pension appointment. The idea being  to be as self critical as possible.

In summary, more questions and less babble is required at the IFA Direct call centre!  (or Geordie babble  for one member of staff)


The main point i noticed is i speak to much, keep saying basically and ok. The call was dragged out to long with someone who isn’t interested. Better questioning at the start would have saved half the call.

The call was sh*t to put it bluntly. I think he threw me with his yes, no answers.No exaggeration of “millions” or “massively”.
Explained charge percentages before gaining amount.
No oomph – no personality. You have permission to slap me the next time I say Sir! I gave up too easily.

Interesting to hear, a lot of skirting around the point (errrm’s) can see where I missed a few opportunities to close, too long and drawn out.


WOW! That was awesome. Do I really sound that young on the phone??

There are several things I noticed:

1. Emphasised key words ‘Massively’ and ‘Regulated Financial Advice’ omitted from Hook

2. Much too much talking by me and not enough ‘open’ questions asked, eg How, Why, When, Where, etc

3. He told me at the beginning of the call that he was still paying into the PPP, but I asked him again towards the end of the call and I expressed great surprise, as if I didn’t know! It sounded insincere and I need to make more notes as I go along!!!

Changes I’ll implement immediately:

1. Emphasise the Keywords in the Hook

2. Much less talking by myself and cut out the ‘waffling’

3. Ask more open questions, to express a genuine interest

4. Hone my listening skills and make more notes as I go along

I feel this has been a great help to me and will ensure I introduce these changes immediately!

Incidentally, this one resulted in an appointment.


I listened and seems ok … he will have a review in new year… as he said too busy now and if I pushed it he would prob not bother at all… I could have sounded more up beat maybe…


This call he had no idea who his pension was with only employer and he has no documents, informed him to through online gov site and trace pension as we cannot help until he know his info. Could have done this much quicker, call was possibly too customer service like.
Said OK far too many times.


I thought I was pretty good. Set up a good callback but he didn’t pick up phone. My fault as I rang at the wrong time. If anything I should have closed him instead of waffling about benefits too much.


TalkTalk data hack reduces the number of pension appointments made by 20%

Pension Appointment
IFA Direct Appointment

The recent TalkTalk data hack and the very negative publicity that has lingered on during the month of October and November has reduced the number of booked pension appointments made during this period  by 20%.

The last month has seen an increase in the ratio of calls to appointments made up from the past years average of 1 in 64  to 1 in 81 (appointment made that meets criteria versus calls made that are not interested).

The same period last year saw a ratio is 1 in 67, making it 20% more difficult.  However, it has been higher than 1 in 81 in the past year. March broke the record at 1 in 95!

Strangely in March it was a record month for IFA Direct where it booked in excess of 200 appointments –  perhaps a strange mixture of the anticipated pension reforms that were due to take place in April and the news that the ICO were to impose huge fines on  firms who flout rules on direct marketing,

The reason it went to 1 in 95 was the action by the UK government to fine cold callers. This news was announced on the 25 February 2015. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-31616523

You can search on Google for trending words such as nuisance calls or cold call to gauge consumer sentiment . You can see in March and October  that the number of searches for nuisance calls or cold calls spiked in response to the news.

In October the TalkTalk data hack news led to a spike on the 25-31 October 2015  at 100 (100 is the max during that period) for the term nuisance calls. However, a week later 1-7 November 2015 it was down to 55 a huge drop of 45%, looking like the news was already fading and past its peak.

google trend

IFA Direct Home gets a 4.8 rating!



You can check out what our customers have to say about IFA Direct Home: Rating: 4.8 from 13 customer reviews and experiences with our financial advisers.


Very informative – the representative was able to explain my current position and how recent legislation might affect my pension planning strategy

*** was a pleasant man and new what he was talking about. He has also been in touch since the meeting. Very good.

I was very happy with the reviewer who was helpful, friendly and is working to give me up to date information and values of my current and frozen pensions

very good, person very good on the phone, kept upto date with emails and text alerts. The meeting with *** was very helpful and I am looking forward to his suggestions.


Everything went OK

5 star !

Excellent service well put over.

RMT Direct is 3 years Old!


rmt direct

RMT Direct celebrated it third birthday last month.  It was registered as a domain 3 years ago on Oct 12, 2012.

Looking at the ‘wayback machine’ – an excellent web tool for snooping at a companies past, you can see how far RMT Direct has come.


RMT Direct was founded by Ryan Mellor and Charlotte Till and ‘RMT’ stands for Ryan Mellor Till.

RMT Direct started out from a small 2 bedroom apartment  generating various outbound telemarketing campaigns to UK clients.

RMT Direct has grown to a 24 seat call centre and is now ranked #1 on Google UK for financial advice leads and IFA appointments and its aim is to be largest suppliers of IFA appointments in the UK.

RMT Direct currently generates in excess of 150+ IFA appointments every month and its latest creation due to be launched in Jan 2016, is a website that will be capable of generating 100 online leads per day.  http://www.find-a-local-ifa.co.uk

In 2015, RMT Recruitment was formed and RMT Direct Ltd became RMT Group (UK) Ltd in the process. RMT Direct is now all but a web portal and attracts around 300 unique visitors every month from around 20,000 financial advisors that operate in the UK.

We've mastered the right approach…