Interview with Charlotte Till, Operations Director of RMT Group


Charlotte Till is Operations Director at RMT, she has been with the company since its start and is infact one of the co-founders, along with Ryan Mellor.

The business originally began with booked appointments for Independent Financial Advisors, but in more recent years the company has also introduced online Financial Advisor leads as an option for its financial advisors and it now has a large number of financial advisors on board who have worked with RMT for many years and generated many new clients from the appointments and leads supplied by RMT.

As Operations Director, Charlotte’s role at RMT is two-fold: she looks after the financial advisors and she also looks after her team of employees who book the appointments and generate the online leads.

“Working with the IFAs I make sure it runs correctly and deal with any queries and questions relating to the appointments,” she said.

 “With the staff I am very hands-on, I regularly listen to the calls to make sure they are conducting them correctly. In reality, I am the person in the middle and I want to make sure that it all runs smoothly, on both sides.”

The process at RMT begins in the call centre, where Charlotte’s team make initial contact with potential clients.

“The role of the call centre is to contact the general public and inform them of what’s happening with pensions and what is changing, what new legislation has come into play and what may be about to change and to let them know what they can do about it.”

Once an appointment is booked for a client an independent financial advisor will travel to meet with them face-to-face and provide an initial one-hour free consultation, where they will review their pension, and often their financial position in general, and make recommendations on next steps.

“When an advisor visits a client I advise them to go into as much detail as possible with the client. They are not selling their services as such but it’s important they get across exactly what they can do for the client and how it works. There’s only a certain level to which we can discuss things with the clients prior to the appointment as we are not financial advisors, so it’s vital the financial advisors go through this information with the client.”

To date Charlotte’s team at RMT have connected thousands of people with financial advisors across the UK to get the advice and help they need to ensure their pension funds are performing for them. 

“For the clients the main point is that it doesn’t cost anything to have the appointment with the financial advisor, it’s free to meet with them and they could discover that they are actually currently losing money on their pension. Your pension is really important, it may not seem it now, but when it comes to retirement it’s what you have to live on so sorting your pension and ensuring it’s performing the best it can is something that everyone needs to do.”

Before founding RMT, Charlotte managed a qualifying room for leads and this is where she first got to know and work with financial advisors and the business grew from there.

“I really enjoy my job and what I think makes it really enjoyable is that it’s never the same, it’s constantly changing, there’s always something new to learn and new queries to deal with. No day is ever the same and I am always constantly doing something different.

“The biggest challenge for me is trying to keep everyone happy, making sure everything is running smoothly as it should and making sure it stays that way.”

And, speaking about the culture at RMT, Charlotte added: “I always describe RMT as a little family rather than an office, we all get on very well and that’s how I like it to be. Every year we have a Christmas and a summer party and we spend time together outside of the office so we really are more like a family than work colleagues.”

Outside of her role as Operations Director, Charlotte is a keen sports enthusiast and loves to spend time with her family.

“We have started to go for country walks as a family which we enjoy as there is so much nice scenery near to where we live. I also am very keen on sports, I take tennis lessons and I like football, I have been part of a football team in the past and I am currently looking to join in a new one near to where I live.”

Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, RMT Direct Leads, IFA Direct Home and