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A Day in the Life of Charlotte Till – Operations Director at RMT Group


charlotte till

Being the Co-founder & Operations Director of RMT Group (UK) Ltd, the role of Operations Director has been established and adapted by myself from the very beginning. My main role, consist of looking after the IFAs needs and managing the co-ordinators who call on behalf of IFA Direct Home. It’s a kind of tug of war between the IFAs high demands and the co-ordinators desire to book as many appointments as possible.

Once the financial advisors have signed up to a campaign of IFA appointments through the web portal RMT Direct, they are passed over to me. After setting up the diaries, ordering the data and getting the IFA set up on our system, we are ready to go. My main role with the financial advisors is to make sure that their campaign runs smoothly, at both ends and answer any questions or queries that they have.

Even though, we all do the same job every day no day has ever been the same. With up to 24 co-ordinators spread over 2 offices, it can get very busy and noisy. The staff always has many questions and quite often would like me to do the impossible. For example, “ I have a client who is only available at 8 O’clock, Friday evening. The IFA ‘s diary shows him as busy at that time, but can I book it please?”. Obviously, my answer is no.

The co-ordinators work from a dialler and a CRM and it is up to me to make sure that they manage their time efficiently and that they are doing what they should be doing. I believe I am quite a fair manager, so mainly I am just making sure they get on with the task in hand. As I mentioned before, I do get asked a lot of questions every day. I can’t say I always know the answer, but I have the IFA’s on board to ask if I do not know something.

Working with both the co-ordinators and the IFAs, I am the go between the two of them. I am sure every now and then, they would love to be in contact with each other, but that is my job! I am fair to both parties and always investigate any issues fully and answer any questions given to me. Basically, the final decision is mine.

I am very lucky to have an amazing colleague, Ann, who assists me in all that I do. Thanks Ann!

I enjoy my job very much. I enjoy working with the co-ordinators and the IFAs and feel that I have a good relationship with all parties.

Charlotte Till, Co-founder at RMT Direct

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