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RMT Direct launches IFA Direct Home Mortgage Appointments



London (PR FIRE UK) 25 August 2015 – RMT Direct, the leading financial services appointment making firm, today announced the launch of a new call centre product – IFA Direct Home Mortgage Appointments. Ryan Mellor, Co-founder at RMT Direct stated that the demand for its products remained very strong from the 20,000 IFAs that work in the UK offering financial advice.

The appointment making firm has been providing pension appointments for almost 3 years now with great success. RMT Direct has grown with over 30+ IFA firms using its services. Current conversion rates hover around 70-80% for IFA Direct Home Pension Appointments.

IFA Direct® Mortgage Appointments targets existing mortgage holders and the appointments are generated as a by-product of the main pension campaign. Although the conversion rates are expected to be lower than pension appointments at only 30% – the price is also set much lower at only £125+ VAT per appointment.

Ryan Mellor Sales Director and Co-founder at RMT Group said  “Now would be a perfect time  before interest rates start to move up to sit down with an IFA to review your mortgage, particularly if you have a variable rate as there are some great fixed rate deals out there ”

A professional telemarketer calls from IFA Direct using an initial call to explain the benefits of a mortgage review.  Clients are then referred to its financial advisor members.

Book Now. Pay Later.™ payment scheme will also be available for Mortgage Appointments. The scheme reduces delivery risk and increases cash flow for the IFA by only charging when the appointment is takes place.

About RMT Direct

RMT Direct is a leading financial services appointment making firm based in London. Since its inception in 2012 RMT Direct has been helping customers benefit from its call centre technology by providing cost-effective quality appointments and online services. The online services include generating IFA and Pension Leads at a local level.

Ryan Mellor, Co-founder at RMT Direct

If you are a financial advisor and you would like to work with us, please visit RMT Direct.

Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, RMT Direct Leads, IFA Direct Home, RegulatedAdvice.co.uk and Local Professional Direct.