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Why we deleted all of our Facebook pages at RMT Group



After some discussion in the office we decided to delete all of our business Facebook pages as we felt they were not adding any value to the business. This is below a copy of the email I sent to Jeff Bertrand, who heads up RMT Recruitment and Donna Phillips our Social Media Manager, which explains why…

Hi Jeff/Donna,

Thinking of deleting all business Facebooks accounts.

Although we have in excess of a 5,000 unique visitors to all of our group websites each month, we have only managed a grand total of 90 likes across 4 Facebook pages with almost zero engagement. RMT Recruitment has the most with a whopping 55 in 9 months. This is pathetic.

It’s not the time spent on it as this is all automated through Hootsuite.

It’s simply down to credibility and looks crap only having only 14 likes on IFA Direct and this is the most consumer facing brand we have. We could be here in a years’ time and perhaps only triple this number. Looking at other Facebook pages with over a thousand likes they too seem to have little or no engagement.


Facebook have changed their algorithms so even if we have 10,000 likes it seems only a small percentage of these likes will be reached by any posts or products announcements. They want you to pay instead to boost your posts. So we would have to pay firstly to get more likes and then pay again to reach the same  audience.

I think we should focus our limited resources on writing blogs and distributing through Linkedin, Twitter and Google+. Linkedin is a must for recruitment.Twitter has good potential for generating IFA leads and Google+ works really well SEO wise across all sites, with blogs and articles appearing on the first page of Google, for all our Google+ followers, which in turn attracts traffic to your sites. It seems you don’t get any of these benefits with FB – just a few duff likes.

I know it goes against convention – but Facebook for business is a complete waste of time. If anything we would get more traffic through our website and blogs and other social media outlets if we deleted our Facebook accounts and focused our attention on stuff that works.

What do you think?

Ryan E. Mellor
Co-founder & Sales Director at RMT Group

Jeff wrote back…

Yep…agreed in full



Donna wrote back…

Hi Ryan,

Yes I agree with you, we don’t have any real engagement and Facebook do want you to pay to get the results. All other platforms are totally free to gain the momentum we need to publicize each brand and gain clients.

We want to line profit for us not Facebook, I don’t think we are really missing out by removing them.

Ryan Mellor, Co-founder at RMT Direct

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