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I use RMT Direct for pension leads in my area, the calls are of good quality and the feedback regarding the sales staff is very positive. I have increased my income since using their services. I highly recommend them.

Mark Horner DipPFS – Estate Asset Management – South Wales

We have been dealing with RMT Direct now for about 3 months and all I can say is we have been flabbergasted by the service we have received. A combination of great leads in our selected postcodes, efficient diary management, appointment booking and great service all round. They really have transformed the way we run our business and we hope to continue our working relationship with them long into the future.

James Tomlinson – JT Private Finance – Doncaster

Excellent service and way ahead of competitors, client feedback is very positive. Please do not let the standards drop.

Chandan Hinduja – True Potential Wealth Management – Middlesex

RMT Direct provides a professional service that is thorough for both the client and myself. The actually appointment making is second to non for booking and follow up.

David Rogers – Cheshire Wealth Partnership – Cheshire

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Ryan Mellor, Co-founder at RMT Direct

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3 types of telemarketers at RMT Direct

RMT Direct
3 types of telemarketers at RMT Direct

There are 3 types of telemarketers that come through our doors at RMT Direct:

1. Those that can do the job and love it.

2. Those can do the job and hate it.

3. Those that can’t do the job.

In striving to employ staff at RMT Direct we are looking for staff that can do the job and love it, we look for the following qualities in any new staff.

Attitude – Without the right attitude and a strong work ethic, no amount or training or aptitude will make a person successful at booking appointments.

Can Sell –   Over the years at RMT Direct, we have found a huge difference between those can close and those that can’t. Although appointment does not involve selling anything directly, if you are more customer service than sales  – then appointment setting is probably not for you.

Resilient – Rejection is a very real part of booking appointments and part of daily life at RMT Direct, especially when focusing on cold leads. A great telemarketer isn’t easily discouraged.  Last year (2014) we had to go through 68,000 no’s to generate 1200 appointments.

Empathy – Telemarketers have to relate to the customer, it shows up as listening more than talking and empathising with the client before getting your point across.

Organised – Using the RMT Direct CRM efficiently and effectively, setting events and binning call backs that you can’t get hold is a key ingredient for a telemarketer to succeed.

A Great Voice – A clear, friendly yet authoritative voice works wonders.

Ryan Mellor, Co-founder at RMT Direct

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Hi, this is Ryan Mellor at IFA Direct Home….

ryan mellor ifa direct
Hi, this is Ryan Mellor at  IFA Direct Home UK….How are you today?

The amount of times when running through role play with new members of staff during training that they start the conversation with “How are you today?” I have lost count.

Not only is it false, but it wastes valuable time on the phone. Your aim in a cold call is to get their interest  – deliver the hook or the point of the call  and then get them talking. You have around 20 to 30 seconds at best to achieve this.

You should start the call by saying this is “Hi this is Ryan Mellor at IFA Direct Home, the reason from my call and I don’t know if you are aware but”……gets to point  of the immediately. Stating “I don’t know if are aware” makes the conversation relevant to the person so you are immediately avoiding the classic mistake of talking at the person rather than with them.

At IFA Direct Home when we call consumers, we only use opted-in mobile data which we call during office hours. Very few people like receiving cold calls at the best of  times – but using the phrase “how are you today” when time is at a premium and you’ve never spoken to that person before is one of the most common mistakes made by telemarketers as it has the tendency to wind the person up the wrong way before you have got to your point.

The person taking the call  is much more likely to think this is a sales call leading them to think to themselves that “I am not interested.” For the sake of your own sales figures and sanity to STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!

Ryan Mellor, Co-founder at RMT Direct Leads

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