Can you re-schedule my pension appointment as my calendar was already blocked-out?

Dear Financial Advisor,
We have booked in excess of 5,000 pension appointments using the ‘Real Time’ Google Calendar system. This is the first time a financial advisor has claimed an appointment was already blocked-out at the time of booking.
Booking the pension appointment goes through a two stage process – the coordinator chooses an empty slot and then administration checks to see that there is plenty of travel time etc. Admin reported the calendar was completely clear at the time of checking.
We noted that the calendar was updated at your end shortly after the appointment was booked in before you formally notified us an hour later that the appointment clashed with another event. These are the facts.
Your version of events do not stack up. In short, it is impossible for an appointment to get through our administration process when the calendar is blocked-out.
We would of gone out of business a long time ago if  we could not get this basic process right.
As per our agreement we have provided you the full details to reschedule the appointment. The appointment is chargeable.
Best regards,
Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, RMT Direct Leads, IFA Direct Home, and Local Professional Direct.

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