A woeful tale of a telemarketer



“Hello, hello, hello, hello”, you’ll hear my desperate cry

Sadly, “What do you want”, is too often the reply

“I’ve never had an accident and never had PPI”

“Why don’t you get a proper job, or just crawl away and die”

I say “I’m not trying to sell you anything, it’s just a straight-forward Review”

“‘cos I’m just a simple person…in fact, I’m just like you!”

“I don’t wish to sound rude, I’m not even trying to be funny”

“My sole purpose in this life, is to save you loads of money!”

“I understand your comment, that I need to get a life”

“But I have a car to run and a rather expensive wife”

“So, all I want to do is help you and to show how much I care”

“A couple of minutes with you now, is all I want to share”

“Oh!..and by the way, I meant to SINCERELY mention”

“Have you at any time, paid into a Personal Pension?”

“Hello, hello, hello, hello!”

A little ode I put together Р Peter Buckley, Co-ordinator at IFA Direct Home

Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, RMT Direct Leads, IFA Direct Home, RegulatedAdvice.co.uk and Local Professional Direct.

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